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Member Variables

Member variables of the main class.
I think these are self-explanatory.
time_us_t entryTime = 0; //the entry point of a task, returned by micros()
time_us_t exitTime = 0; //the exit point of a task, returned by micros()
time_us_t elapsedTime = 0; //elapsed time since entry time
time_us_t lastElapsedTime = 0;
uint64_t intervalCounter = 0; //how many intervals have been passed
uint64_t suspendedIntervalCounter = 0; //how many intervals have been passed after suspending the task
uint64_t executionCounter = 0; //how many times the task has returned true
uint64_t sequenceRepetitionCounter = 0; //how many times the sequence has been repeated
uint32_t sequenceRepetition = 0; //how many times an interval sequence has to be executed
uint32_t sequenceRepetitionExtended = 0; //repetitions * interval sequence length
uint8_t taskMode = PT_MODE_ONESHOT; //the execution mode of the task
uint8_t sleepMode = PT_SLEEP_DISABLE; //default is disable
uint8_t sequenceLength; //how many intervals in a sequence
time_us_t* sequenceList; //a pointer to the interval sequence
uint8_t sequenceIndex = 0; //index position of interval sequence
uint32_t skipInterval = 0; //number of individual intervals to skip
uint32_t skipSequence = 0; //number of sequences (set of intervals) to skip
time_us_t skipTime = 0; //time to wait before running a task
uint32_t prevTimeDelta = 0; //previous time difference
uint32_t timeDelta = 0; //time difference
uint32_t microsValue = 0; //value returned by micros()
bool taskEnabled = true; //task is allowed to run or not
bool taskStarted = false; //task has started an execution cycle
bool cycleStarted = false; //task has started an interval cycle
bool taskSuspended = false; //a task is prevented from running until further activation
bool sequenceRepetitionEnded = false; //end of a repetition
bool taskRunning = false; //a task is running
bool taskRunState; //the current execution state of a task
bool inputError = false; //if any user input parameters are wrong
bool skipIntervalSet = false; //if skip interval was set
bool skipSequenceSet = false; //if skip sequence was set
bool skipTimeSet = false; //if skip time was set
ptScheduler (time_us_t interval_1); //sets the initial interval for the task
ptScheduler (uint8_t _mode, time_us_t interval_1);
ptScheduler (uint8_t _mode, time_us_t* listPtr, uint8_t listLength);
void reset(); //disable + enable
void enable(); //enabling a task to run at each intervals
void disable(); //block a task from running and reset all state variables and counters
void suspend(); //block a task from running but without resetting anything. interval counter will still run.
void resume(); //resume a suspended task
bool oneshot(); //logic for oneshot tasks
bool spanning(); //logic for spanning tasks
bool call(); //the task invocation call
bool setInterval (time_us_t value); //dynamically set task interval
bool setSequenceRepetition (int32_t value); //no. of sequences you want to execute for each activation
bool setSkipInterval (uint32_t value); //intervals to wait before executing the task
bool setSkipSequence (uint32_t value); //number of sequence to wait before executing the task
bool setSkipTime (time_us_t value); //time to wait before executing the task
bool setTaskMode (uint8_t mode); //set execution mode
bool setSleepMode (uint8_t mode); //set what happens after a repetition is complete
bool isInputError(); //check if any user inputs were invalid.
void printStats(); //prints all the statuses and counter to debug port
void getTimeElapsed();
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